Birthday sushi

Ack, AOKI is going to be closed on my birthday! Selina and I kept having this problem when we'd try to go to Hongs and they'd be closed for the 4th of July weekend. They're reopening on the 8th (dinner only) so we could go before the Grind, but that misses the point of doing something on my birthday...

So I need another good sushi place to drag a few people to that doesn't have a problem with being open July 6th. (Tuesday! Not a holiday!) Todai unfortunately != good. Even with the free birthday dinner I wouldn't make people pay to eat there.

For the 'Everyone get naked in celebration of me!' part I'll be going to Grind that Thursday (July 8). Given the nature of the Grind I imagine I'll be disappointed if many people don't try to do many devious things to me. (Birthday spankings? Birthday floggings? Birthday...?)

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I thought I was being smart by sneaking in an index.html in front of my index.php file. This let me publish the current state of Happy-clicker via Blogger without making it public, so I could look around and figure out what needs filled in. The only noticeable difference would be the individual comments links disappearing, but I doubt anyone is going by to make comments on individual posts these days.

What I didn't think to do was turn off the RSS feed. That means that anyone who reads via an RSS reader (Andrew) or Livejournal got up to the last three months dumped on them at once. The LJ version doesn't seem too bad at least.

I had said worst case I just publish as-is and go from there, but I at least intended up to clean up posts like "weird milk modesty" that were no more than notes to myself. I plan to have Happy-clicker back for real by the end of the week, since I have lunch and/or dessert (?) riding on it.

? x 3

Since I'm not using my journal for anything else at the moment... stolen from everyone in general:

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

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So I've heard that LiveJournal's the place to post if you have a headache. (Andrew's going to kill me for that...)

I missed another half-day of work because I woke up with stabbing pain whenever I moved my head. And 'stabbing pain' would make me think 'fstab' (Walker and Andrew will both get me for that one) which is entirely too geeky for my own good, especially when I don't remember what it actually means. And then one of my coworkers decided to 'wake me up' by slamming his hand down on my desk. Yes, I needed that, didn't I?

I still say I have low-grade Ebola.

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*Looks at rope marks on wrists*

Yep, this isn't something to tell L&I.

Or for that matter, my dad. Hopefully no one is sending him anonymous tips to my LiveJournal.

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I want to be lazy about food tonight so I have more time to get other necessary things done (like updating Happy-clicker... too far behind) but anything beyond eating cereal for dinner involves a certain amount of time and/or effort. I went for take-out Thai from Siam (mmm... Thai).

I consider Siam to be summer walking distance. It's a nice casual walk for two people, and in the summer I used to rollerblade to pick up my food. In cold/rainy/icky weather however it's annoyingly on the edge of too far. Getting off the bus nearby has it's own issues as there's no stoplight anywhere near the area. There is a crosswalk, which might mean something legally but not in practice. I had to wait a couple minutes watching a steady stream of cars until a van stopped for me, which let me halfway across the street but the other side didn't stop. That I know is illegal.

Ordered noodles and read my book. This is where I need a cell phone to call my order in while I'm on my way. I'm working on that part...

They misheard my Thai iced tea as just iced tea. It wasn't worth freezing my fingers to carry home but I drank it all anyway. On the way home I noticed a number of 'For Rent' signs on my street which is promising. It would be nice to stay in the same area, while finding an apartment that's truly two bedroom, rather than one bedroom and an oversize storage closet with a window. It's another reason I'm strongly considering moving, that I don't expect to find another roommate who will be as accommodating as Jason living in the basement.

Does it count as proper cuddling if you sleep through it?

I think I've been sleepwalking through most of this week. I can't seem to get myself to bed before midnight anymore. Apparently I was falling asleep with my eyes open on the bus yesterday since I almost missed my stop. Luckily I 'woke up' as the bus was stopped a red light right before.

I'd been wanting to see the Princess Bride again so Andrew and I finally watched it last night. I fell asleep halfway through, which is okay because I know the movie well enough, like most people, to recite most of it from memory. But some of the best parts are in the ending and I miss them when I fall asleep. Actually the whole movie is filled with the best parts, and that's the point. I think I need to watch it in reverse so I can sleep through the beginning instead.

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I sent this as an initial response to my dad, stealing some of the lines from my last post:

> Maybe it is none of my business but what are you doing with your life???

Living it, for one.

Who sent you the email? I'm shocked and disturbed myself, that someone
feels the need to "tell on" me when I'm twenty five and send you
things that you don't need to, and shouldn't be seeing. I need to go wash
my brain out now.

Yeah, I can't get over that icky 'my dad saw me naked' feeling. Even more, I'm bothered by the person who thought it a good idea to set this up and essentially "out" me. Honestly I'm not comfortable with my dad knowing about any part of my life, but there are issues there I'm not going to get into now.

If the email exchange allows for it, I'm going to ask my dad not to not read happy-clicker, while hopefully not sounding like I'm trying to hide anything, with the logic of 'I don't want to know about your sex life. You don't want to know about my period.' This being the man who doesn't like to walk down the tampon isle, hopefully that'll scare him off.

I knew it was bound to happen eventually, but...

I got an email from my dad this morning. This is very, very bad.

Dear Rebecca,

I got this very strange email the other day from someone that suggested I
checkout a certain web site

and look in the Tiger folder.á I was shocked and disturbed to say the

Maybe it is none of my business but what are you doing with your life???

I Love You,


He's disturbed, and I'm disturbed that my dad has just seen naked pictures of me, and also that someone feels the need to "tell on" me to my dad when I'm halfway through my twenties!

The tiger pictures are from the night Selina painted me as a tiger in liquid latex and we won a contest at the Vogue. They are the reason I can technically say there are naked pictures of me online, but not necessarily of the variety that any rumors about me (around work for example) may imply. (I don't want to disappoint anyone who goes to check them out now—I'm certainly not porn star quality.)

That Onion article never felt so fitting before. My mom reads my site and we seem to have an agreement that she won't read more than she's comfortable knowing. My dad however, is not okay at all. I'm seriously going through my options—do I take the site down until it blows over? The URL looks weird, like it came from a search engine. I'm archived.

In the meantime, how do I answer his email? Do I tell him the truth—I'm bi, polyamorous, go to fetish clubs, walk naked around my apartment, and sleep with multiple people (but mostly I'm a cuddle-slut)? Do I tell him the truth—that I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend of pi years playing Final Fantasy and watching X-Files? Or should I just deny everything, tell him that was a stunt body, and that's what I did before I was medicated (so keep those checks coming.)

I feel like I need to wash my brain out. My dad saw me naked.