Rebecca (nekostari) wrote,

Jason has a container of 400 grams of pure caffeine in the kitchen. (It's white, if you've ever wondered.) I asked him if you dipped your finger in and licked it off, would you be up all night? He showed me the measurements (yes) and said the container would kill you ten times over.

I've heard of people being afraid of big drops because they're afraid they'd jump. Not suicidal, but a curiosity 'what would happen if I did this?' impulse taking over. Jason's caffeine makes me nervous because it gives me that same feeling, but only because it's such a common, innocent-looking thing people put in their bodies every day. (Drain cleaner, bug spray, no problem for me.)

As for what Jason's going to do with his new toy, that's what should be worrying me.</p>

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