K i t t e n !

Okay I don't have the kitten yet. PurrfectPals was at the street fair today though with actual kittens though and I was nearly ready to take one home in my backpack, if I had any supplies ready at home.

I'm also looking for someone willing to catsit while Andrew and I are gone on a couple trips planned this year. It's pretty much impossible to pick a time that won't be within a few months of a trip - Disneyland for my birthday, Dragoncon, and I assume something for the holidays.

Final b-day plans

It looks like Pirates of the Caribbean is stealing a lot of people tomorrow, but a few are still interested in dessert and maybe dancingwith me. I've decided on Dilettante on Broadway, 7:30 pm. Let me know if you need my phone number for coordinating (it's a new phone), or call Andrew since I think everyone knows how to get a hold of him.

And this should conclude my yearly LJ posting.

Birthday plans update

Well either no one likes me, or (nearly) everyone forgot to respond. I need to know who's in for dessert (Melting Pot or Dilettante, although I'm leaning towards Dilettante at this point) with optional dancing afterwards. Thursday July, 6th.

No assuming I know you'll be there!! Andrew's the only one I'm letting get away with that. If you have a preference on dessert location let me know.

Birthday Plans

As a kid a summer birthday was the best because I got fireworks as an (early) present, and never had to worry about it falling on a school day. Now, it's more likely that everyone's gone out of town for the holiday when I try to make plans. Hopefully being on a Thursday this year I can catch some people between trips.

A Thursday half plans itself so obviously I'll be going to the Grind and taking the next day off work. Before that, I'd like to go to the Melting Pot for desert. Andrew and I keep ending up there for our anniversary and it's amazing. A group desert should be manageable cost-wise.

So here's four weeks advance notice. Please let me know if you'd be interested in going out to desert with me on July 6, with optional dancing afterwards.

(no subject)

Being that my birthday is tomorrow, I guess I should announce some plans. The holiday weekend, and the weekend after are notoriously hard to find people available, but I've convinced Andrew to go rollerblading with me.

So if the weather cooperates, we weill be at Greenlake this Saturday. No time planned—either when we wake up or get back from the DOL, depending on if I decide to go.

If you want to join leave a comment or call me and I'll try to come up with more definitive plans.

(no subject)

Jason has a container of 400 grams of pure caffeine in the kitchen. (It's white, if you've ever wondered.) I asked him if you dipped your finger in and licked it off, would you be up all night? He showed me the measurements (yes) and said the container would kill you ten times over.

I've heard of people being afraid of big drops because they're afraid they'd jump. Not suicidal, but a curiosity 'what would happen if I did this?' impulse taking over. Jason's caffeine makes me nervous because it gives me that same feeling, but only because it's such a common, innocent-looking thing people put in their bodies every day. (Drain cleaner, bug spray, no problem for me.)

As for what Jason's going to do with his new toy, that's what should be worrying me.</p>

Roommate Seeking

Have you ever wanted to stalk Izzy?

The apartment above and one over from Andrew and Izzy's is available and I want to jump on it, as soon as I find a roommate to live with me. I spend enough time there to know it's a nice place and the landlady isn't crazy. It seems like a great deal for Capitol Hill.

Apartment info:
Rent is expected to be $1025/month
All utilities included except power
Washer/dryer in apartment
Pets allowed
Comes with a parking spot, and I won't be using it since I don't drive.

metalmensh should be able to say good things about me as a roommate. I'm shy until I get to know someone but then I'm much more social. I spend too much time on my computer, but that's really subjective. I'm cluttered but not dirty, and I'm planning on getting rid of half of my stuff before moving to break that habit.

My basic requirements are someone who doesn't hate me on sight or because I'm on my computer. (I've had both of these happen to me before!) No smoking or drugs in the apartment. Another geek type would be great, but at least someone who understands that DSL is a necessity of life. Open-minded in all the ways you would expect of someone on Capitol Hill. Gender not important. If you have long hair expect me to pet you.

(Whether or not I end up with this specific apartment I will still need a roommate and somewhere to live by the end of summer.)